The intensive format is perfect for those who want to go to a deep place in their marriage in a short amount of time. 


  • If you are in a crisis, on the brink of divorce - but both partners want to try to make it work.

  • If you are stuck in a negative interactive pattern and just can't seem to stop fighting.

  • If you feel distant, almost like roommates and don't know how to be close again.

  • If you just can't make weekly counseling work with demanding schedules and/or the childcare shuffle.

  • If you are a therapist and need anonymity, so you're coming from out of town.

  • If you would like to get away AND restore your marriage.


Kelly Bourque (owner of Red Therapy Group) offers 3 options for intensives.


One day intensive at Kelly’s office (you can choose a weekday that works for everyone's schedule) - morning and afternoon sessions with a break in the middle of the day for lunch.

COST: $1,000

This option is only available for Kelly’s current/active clients. Follow up work is with Kelly.

Two-Day Intensive

Great for out of town folks or local couples tired of the hassle of weekly therapy - You’ll schedule two consecutive days (weekdays) - the schedule can vary - but averaging about 4-5 hours of counseling a day, with breaks.

This format is a great jump start into marriage counseling. It’s like two months of counseling in 2 days.

COST: $2,000

Not everyone is a candidate for the 2 or 3 day intensive.

Three-Day Intensive

Three consecutive days (weekdays). The schedule is about 4-5 hours of counseling every day with breaks.

This option is for couples that want to try to get the bulk of their work done over the course of three consecutive days. Because the therapy room isn't "real life" - Kelly requires you to have follow up therapy to transfer the work you do together to your real life. You want to feel confident about applying your moves toward each other in the throes of reality! For those coming from out of town, Kelly would love to help you find a place to stay (bed & breakfast or convenient hotel). Franklin is a charming southern town with great restaurants, shopping and live music. 

COST: $3,000

Follow up work is required for 1, 2 or 3 day intensives! This can be with another Red Therapy Group therapist or a different EFT therapist in your area. We will help you get lined up with the right person for you.

To Get Started

For current clients, we can discuss expectations for the intensive during a session. For out of town clients or local candidates, a phone call is required to make sure this is the best format for your marriage at this time (and for you to make sure Kelly is the best fit for you). No fee for the phone call.

You might ask yourself, "Is this cost effective?"

Frequency is one key to successful counseling. Couples with the best results go to counseling once a week. But a part of each weekly session is spent checking in, kind of like warming up. In the intensive environment, there is no time wasted. Every minute counts towards progress. In most cases, you will save money and, more importantly, get your marriage back on track quicker than with weekly sessions.

As with any psychotherapy, results are not guaranteed.