Individual Therapy


Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) is the modality we use for individual work. With this map, we can treat individuals with a range of difficulties.

Potential reasons you might want individual counseling: trauma history, struggle with substance addiction, pornography, sex addiction, individual affair recovery, grief, current relational distress, anxiety, depression, workplace problems, postpartum, parent support/education, personal insecurities, identity crisis and difficult life transitions. Some individuals want to work on their relationship but their partner is unwilling to come to therapy.

We want to provide an environment for you in which you can gain clarity and confidence as you navigate difficult emotions.

Couple Therapy


Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is the modality we use to work with couples. We all have advanced training and are committed to this model.

Some couples come in wanting to find a way to relate to each other more positively, without always getting stuck in the same, dead-end conversation. Maybe your relationship is mostly good, you just need a little boost or help in one or two areas. Others are dealing with a crisis like an affair, or discovery of any kind of betrayal (ie - money, substance addiction, emotional infidelity, sex addiction). Your relationship might look more cold - living like roommates. You want to know if your relationship can feel connecting instead of mediocre. Maybe you’ll come in and not know if you want to be married, but you know you’re not ready to divorce.

We have compassion and promise to listen without judgment. You have good reason for your self-protection. In relationships, the wall that is built is a shared wall. We work hard to help partners in a relationship take one brick out of the wall at a time, with the goal of clarity and connection.

Family Therapy


When one (or more!) member(s) of a family is “behaving badly” - the whole family is affected. We believe that bad behavior is a signal for help. Parents can get overwhelmed with the balance between connection and setting clear signals about what’s expected. Everyone is craving a felt sense of security. We all want to know that no matter what, we belong and we are cherished. Emotionally Focused Family Therapy is our guide for helping families reconnect and heal. Family work can also be done with grown children. Maybe you want to repair from earlier days or find a way to relate presently now that there are grandchildren in the picture. You might have teenagers or young children and want to come together as a family, navigating hurt feelings without a screaming match. Maybe there are wounds in your relationship or you remember a traumatic time and now that you’re out of the woods, it’s time to heal. Whatever stage of life your family is in - we’re here to help.

Want to talk to a real person? Don’t want to play phone tag? Courtney, our Care Coordinator is happy to call at a time that is convenient for you!