For emergencies, call 911 or the crisis hotline (615-244-7444). Do not call or email Red Therapy Group in an emergency.

New Clients

Ready to start the process of counseling?


Call 615.594.2830 or email Courtney, our Care Coordinator, to get matched with a therapist. Scheduling needs, location and preference of therapist all go into consideration for a perfect match. If it doesn’t work for us to serve you, we want to make sure you find someone you love. Let us help you in that process.

Don’t want to play phone tag? Courtney is happy to call at a time that is convenient for you!


Courtney will help you schedule that first counseling session. Once that’s on the books, she’ll tell you where to go, how to get logged into the client portal (where you’ll fill out paperwork and be able to schedule subsequent sessions online). You can also cancel sessions online. Keep in mind the cancellation policy (48 hrs notice or full session fee penalty).


Show up. This is a collaborative process. Be honest, ask questions if you have them and get ready to dive in.


Q - How long are sessions?

A - One hour. However, if you would like to book 2 sessions in a row, that’s an option (just check with your counselor).

Q - Can I use my insurance?

A - We do not take insurance but can provide an invoice with codes that would make filing for yourself run more smoothly. Insurance companies require a diagnosis before reimbursing. With that knowledge, many people choose not to file for coverage in order to prevent a diagnosis being added to their medical records. Our therapists will not change a diagnosis or make up a diagnosis in order to help clients receive coverage (insurance fraud).

Q - Can I use my HSA card?

A - YES!

Q - Do you charge a fee for running a credit card?

A - No, it’s on us.

Q - What times do you have available for counseling sessions?

A - Each therapist keeps their own schedule. Some have day times only, others offer weekend or night sessions. Talk to our care coordinator, Courtney about what you’re looking for so she can match you with a counselor that best fits your scheduling needs.

Q - Where is your office?

A - Red Therapy Group headquarters is in Franklin, TN (downtown, above Merridees Breadbasket - 4th Avenue South). We also have offices in Nashville and Clarksville, TN.

Q - Couples therapy - who should come and when?

A - For the first session, both partners should come. After that, the therapist will do one individual session each. For the 4th session, both partners come to the session (and for every subsequent session).

Q - Are your therapists well trained?

A - All our therapists have extensive training (more than is required for their license). They receive ongoing supervision and training (regardless of their level of experience). We believe growth doesn’t end. We love learning and pride ourselves in continued knowledge of clinical advancements and research.