Individual, Couple & Family Therapy

We’re in this together: hurting, healing and hoping for more. 


Emotionally focused therapy

We all have advanced training in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy).

EFT has three crucial components: experience (the here and now), attachment (bonding science) and emotion (the ugly and the beautiful). As EFT therapists, we know these things are significant and we’re trained to weave them together to promote lasting change.

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In crisis, in need of a tune up, or if this is your "last ditch effort," our goal for couples, individuals and families is to get to an honest and vulnerable place. From there, you can see more clearly. While things are still cloudy, our job is to hold hope when you can't hold it anymore.


what to expect

The process of EFT is experiential. We've found (and science backs us up) that new experiences are the short cut to healing and change. With us, you can expect less analyzing, more living. At Red Therapy Group, all are welcome. We celebrate diversity and want to help anyone that comes through our door.